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What can a type designer do in one hour? (Part 1)

  Some people take fonts for granted. They are little pieces of software that sit in your computer, in your Word editor, and they make your party invitations pretty. Typefaces let you express yourself. Behind each new typeface design there … Read More

Onomatypea and trees

I had the chance to be mentoring a module involving some experimental calligraphy as a part of the LetterStudio unit at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague. Together with Peter Verheul and Frank Blokland, we offer students … Read More


I have received very promising applications and I am honored how many people wanted to work with me. I have already made my decision as to who will be joining me next year in Amsterdam. I hope that I can … Read More

Equitan – A versatile sans and slab super family

At the beginning of 2015, Satya Rajpurohit approached me to design a new type family for the Indian Type Foundry. Together we decided that it would be great to develop a larger family with slab and sans versions, as … Read More

The new Google logo 2015

A few days ago, Google released its new logo: a sleek, low-contrast, geometric sans serif overhaul of its old one. The internet is currently buzzing with mixed responses. Most love the new brand look. Generally, type designers agree that, … Read More

Work with me!

If you want to work with me, cooperate with me, or hire me for design related work, just send an email to and let’s schedule a Skype Call or meet in person to discuss your challenges.

Type design … Read More

Workshops Archive

Letters & Ink: get-together

Who we are: We are Diana and Barbara, two type designers living in The Hague. We love letters and everything that has to do with them: calligraphy, typography, lettering, and more. We want to … Read More


Editura is my graduation project for TypeMedia 2013. This type family has been developed in four months in the last semester of the course. I concentrated on creating a text family. It is still very much a work in … Read More

Making of Paiper

The paper-folding concept

During university, I became interested in type design. In the summer of 2011 I attended a workshop in Slovenia (it was my second time there), where each one of the participants was expected to develop their … Read More

The Paiper Family

Paiper is a type family for use in magazines, book covers, packaging design, logos, and movie posters.

Paiper is an informal type family for display and text use. The roman weights have slightly flared stem-endings and … Read More