28. July 2014

Exercise: A brush is a brush

There are many small exercises that you can do to train your creative muscles. In this exercise, take a tool and try to make as many different things as possible with it. But keep it simple, break it down to a repeated stroke, so that you can internalize that and remember it for future projects. This is important: we are not making images, but rather exploring possibilities, creating a working «database» of strokes, which we can access later, when we are creating stuff.

Tool: brush pens and (pointed) paintbrushes.
Word: brush
Exercise: create different words patterns

brush stuff
brush stuff2
brush stuff3

And what can you do with all these things in the end? Well you can combine them with other techniques to make expressive images, book covers, background images, write funny notes to your friends, marmalade labels, you name it!!


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