The search has ended!

I have received very promising applications and I am honored how many people wanted to work with me. I have already made my decision as to who will be joining me next year in Amsterdam. I hope that I can offer the same opportunity next year to a new candidate.



This was the job:

I am seeking an apprentice/partner to help me develop and complete multiple type families (latin script) over the next year. Ideally, you are someone who already has some experience with type design, but would like to learn more by working in a professional type environment. I offer to share all my knowledge with you, as long as you are a fast learner, a hard and precise worker, you are passionate about your work, strive for good quality, and have a little sense of humor.

You would have to come an live in Amsterdam for the duration of our cooperation and have all the necessary visas to work here. There is an option to work full-time, or 4 days a week (with Friday being the free day), but you still get full use of the work studio 24/7. Payment will be according to your skills and hiring conditions (employment contract, freelance basis, etc) can be negotiated.


Job Description:

Required Experience:
  • At least 1–2 years of experience in type design (it’s OK if you are self-taught)
  • Solid type drawing skills, clean vector work, and a good feeling for letter shapes (this should be backed up by your portfolio work)
  • Precision when working
  • Good feeling for typography and graphic design
  • Self-motivation, critical thinking, and creativity
Bonus Points:
  • Previous experience with RoboFont is a bonus, but if you are switching from a different software, I can teach you how to use RoboFont effectively.
  • Experience with kerning. If you don’t have it, I will teach you.
  • Knowledge and/or expertise in programming scripts in Python.
  • Experience with poster and layout designs, illustration, or animation
The primary responsibilities of this position are:
  • Working together with me in developing and expanding multiple type families in RoboFont
  • Working with precision at a relatively fast pace
  • Creating specimens and proofs for typefaces
  • Diagnose and fix defects in existing fonts as necessary
  • Report on project progress and communicate about any issues, questions, concerns.
  • Help with occasional graphic design jobs (typographic)
  • Possibility of developing your own typeface designs as well
What I am offering:
  • an environment where you can learn more about type design and gain a lot of work experience in both creative and production work
  • advice, feedback, and reviewing your progress any time you need
  • a shared office with another type designer, a graphic designer, and an architect, where you have access 24/7 to do even your own work
  • your own desk with a chair and high-resolution (4K) monitor (and any other hardware/software you may need to get the job done)
  • I will guide/teach you about proportions, spacing, kerning, give you tips, if necessary
  • I will do anything I can so that we can both work efficiently and produce high-quality work (!)

Bachelors degree or equivalent. You are not required to have a type design degree.


Drop me an email ( with your portfolio (PDF or link to website), a short description of yourself, a photo, and a short motivation. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Deadline is Sunday, December 11th.